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Today we are going to talk with Kathleen Lehnert. She is my cousin and she is going to tell us about Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.




What city are you going to tell us about, Kathy? 

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Is it the city where you are living right now? 


How would you describe Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) to someone who has never been there? 

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City and Bay Ridge is a neighborhood of Brooklyn.  It is near the Verrazzano Bridge.  It is more like a small town than a big city.  Most of the buildings are no taller than six stories.

What is your favourite thing about Bay Ridge?

My favorite is the diversity of people.  People from all over the world have emigrated here.

What is the one thing you think can’t be missed when you are visiting Bay Ridge?

I think anyone coming here should see the Verrazzano Bridge and ride the local ferry to other parts of Brooklyn.


Bay ridge (brooklyn) by a local: verazzano bridge

Verrazzano Bridge, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.


What is your favourite thing to do in Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) when you have some time off?

I am retired so have much free time and I like to ride the ferry to visit Manhattan or other parts of Brooklyn but I think my most favorite thing to do is walk along Third Avenue and shop.


Bay ridge (brooklyn) by a local

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.


What is your favourite restaurant in Bay Ridge? 

My favorite restaurant is Anopoli’s. The space has been a restaurant since 1897 and is now owned by a Greek man and his son.  Steve came from Greece and opened the restaurant and renamed it Anopoli’s  and owns it along with his son Manny.  My great-grandfather lived nearby in 1915 and probably went there way back then.

What is your favourite cheap restaurant, take away or bakery for a quick lunch or snack?

Almost any restaurant in Bay Ridge has take away or delivery so Anopoli’s is my favorite but there is also a cafe/bakery called Paneantico which is about 20 blocks from my home and they have absolutely delicious baked goods.

What do you recommend doing on a rainy day?

On a rainy day, I usually stay home but we do have an express bus that we can take to Manhattan and I have done that on a rainy day just for a nice scenic ride.

What do you recommend doing for free in Bay Ridge (Brooklyn)? 

We do not have a lot for free in Bay Ridge like they have in Manhattan but we do have many, many parks and people like to walk along the water or skate or ride their bike.  Also, we could pay $2.75 for our local ferry to take us to Manhattan and then get the Staten Island Ferry. The Staten Island Ferry is free.  There are some free concerts and free movies in the park in the summer.



Is there one thing not many people know about Bay Ridge you would like to tell us?

Not many tourists visit Bay Ridge but it is an interesting borough because of the people from all over the world and the people are very friendly.  We also have many nice restaurants along Third Avenue.  Also, between 69th Street and 73rd Street on Shore Road we have the Narrows Botanical Garden (that is free) where you can walk and see trees and plants from different parts of the world.


Thank you Kathy for showing us Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) through your eyes.


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