Living Los Angeles like a local

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Living Los Angeles like a local


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Today we are going to talk with Michelangelo Matteoda. Thanks to him we are going to find out how is living Los Angeles like a local.


Living Los Angeles like a local


What city are you going to tell us about?

Los Angeles in California.


Is it the city where you are living right now?

No, unfortunaltely. I was living there for three months then I was going back for another month.


How would you describe Los Angeled to someone who has never been there?

Gigantic and fascinating.


Grattacieli di Los Angeles. © Michelangelo Matteoda

© Michelangelo Matteoda


What is your favourite place in Los Angeles?

North Hollywood and their hills are amazing but probably West Hollywood where I was living is very nice too.


What is the one thing you think can’t be missed in order to living Los Angeles like a local?

Santa Monica. It is a lovely neighborhood pictured in so many American movies.


What was your favourite thing to do in Los Angeles when you had some time off?

Going to the beach such as Newport Beach, Manatthan Beach and just surf and chill. Los Angeles has an amazing weather and sunset as well.


Le spiagge di Los Angeles. © Michelangelo Matteoda.

© Michelangelo Matteoda.


What is your favourite restaurant?

Maybe Perch even though is a top bar mostly


What is your favourite cheap restaurant for a quick lunch?

In & out. Top quality fast food chain.


What’s your favourite place to have a beer or a cocktail in Los Angeles?

Copa D’oro in Santa Monica. Best place for pre party.


What do you recommend doing on a rainy day?

It never rains! Actually it does but it is very rare and all the city kind of stop.


Non puoi visitare Los Angeles senza vedere Hollywood.


What do you recommend doing for free in Los Angeles?

Hard do find cool free stuff in LA. For sure walking on Hollywood boulevard is a great option.


Is there one thing not many people know about Los Angeles you would like to tell us?

You need a car. If you go there just rent a car. You cannot really move without and you just enjoy the city differently if you have one. In other cities in US you can use the metro or pubblic transport or stick to the city center but in LA there is no way you can do that.


In order to live los angeles like a local you have to rent a car. © Michelangelo Matteoda.

© Michelangelo Matteoda.


Anything else you think we should know?

I guess the best part of Los Angeles are all the nearby cities or town along the coasts. They are mostly pretty, chilled but as well alive during the night.


Thank you Michelangelo for showing us Los Angeles through your eyes.


Michelangelo is a Digital Marketing Strategist and you can contact him through his Linkedin profile.


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