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Today we are going to talk with Marian Galbraith, my cousin. She is going to tell us about Groton, CT.




What city are you going to tell us about, Marian?

Groton, CT.


Is it the city where you are living right now?



How would you describe Groton, CT to someone who has never been there?

Groton is a very unique town situated on Long Island Sound half way between New York and Boston.

It’s an unusual town because it has so many different faces.

Groton is known as the Submarine Capital of the world.  We build submarines here and we have the nation’s first and finest submarine base here.  So we have a large industrial base, but we also have beautiful beaches and quaint New England historic villages. In fact one of America’s largest tourist areas, Mystic, CT is actually partially located in Groton.  It’s a wonderfully diverse town. We are also connected by a water taxi with New London across the Thames River.  Here there is a train station and ferry terminals so it’s easy to travel to New York or Boston, Long Island, or Block Island.


What is your favourite thing about Groton, CT?

I think my favorite thing is it’s history and a lot of that is connected to the military.  I love our military community because the presence of the military makes it a place where many people are committed to serving their community and their country.  I love how many submarine veterans live here, because they have so much history to share to us.  Much of Groton’s history is related to defense. A Revolutionary Battle was fought here and we have Connecticut’s only Revolutionary Battlefield.

Groton, CT Monument.

Groton Monument, USA.

What is the one thing you think can’t be missed when you are visiting Groton, CT?

The Submarine Force Museum and Library should not be missed. It’s open year round and has great exhibits, including the USS Nautilus and the first nuclear powered submarine.

In the summer, people should visit the Thames River Heritage Park.  It’s a collection of historic sites on both sides of the Thames River which are connected by a water taxi which is an historic Navy liberty ship.  It includes Fort Trumbull, Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park, the Submarine Veterans World War II National Memorial and numerous small historic homes like the Avery-Copp House, Hempstead Houses, Ebenezer Avery House.  There are free walking tours which you can download through Izi.Travel.  There’s never a loss for things to do in the Heritage Park.

What is your favourite thing to do in Groton, CT when you have some time off?

In the summer, I ride the water taxi.  I love being out on the water. I also love going to eastern Point Beach.  It’s a nice family beach and the concession stand has the best hot dogs in town.


What is your favourite restaurant?

Paul’s Pasta.  It’s one of the most famous restaurants in Connecticut but very affordable.  It’s right on the Thames River so if you’re lucky a submarine may go by while you’re eating.


What is your favourite cheap restaurant/take away/bakery for a quick lunch/snack?

Village Bake House has nice pastries, but I really like their sandwiches and soups.


What’s your favourite place to have a beer or a cocktail in Groton, CT?

For beer Outer Light Brewing Company. It’s a local brewery with a taproom that’s really nice. For a cocktail, Par 4. It’s a neighborhood bar on the Shennecossett Golf Course.


What do you recommend doing on a rainy day?

On a rainy day, I’d try one of the museums, the Nautilus year round or the Avery Copp House or Ebenezer Avery House in the summer.


What do you recommend doing for free in Groton, CT?

The Submarine Museum is free. Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park is free and if you climb the tower has killer views.  Washington park is a free park with swing sets for families.  There’s a parking charge for Eastern Point Beach but it’s still pretty reasonable.

View from th tower of Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park, Groton., CT

View from th tower of Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park, Groton.

Is there one thing not many people know about Groton, CT you would like to tell us?

Not many people know that there are so many parts to Groton.  Part of Mystic is in Groton and draws tons of tourists. Noank is in Groton where you can find Abbott’s one of the best places to have a water side lobster dinner.


Anything else you think we should know?

Groton is one of those places that you need to get off the highway to see and you’ll be glad you did.


Thank you Marian for showing us Groton, CT through your eyes.


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