Denver, Colorado By A Local

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Today we are going to talk with Kara Patterson, blogger of Destination: Live Life.

She is going to tell us about Denver, Colorado.


Denver, Colorado BY A LOCAL


What city are you going to tell us about?

Denver, Colorado.

Is it the city where you are living right now?

Yes, I currently live in Denver, and have lived here for almost 10 years (I moved here in 2008).

How would you describe Denver, Colorado to someone who has never been there?

Denver is a booming city with almost everything a person could want within close proximity: all major sporting events, concerts, outdoor activities, great shopping, fabulous restaurants/bars, etc. I say almost everything, because the only thing we are missing is a beach nearby…that’s it!

football in denver, colorado. © Kara Patterson.

Football match in Denver, Colorado. © Kara Patterson.

What is your favourite thing about Denver?

The weather here is fantastic! We have pretty mild weather all around, so our winters aren’t bad at all (we even enjoy a good number of days in the 50s and 60s during winter), practically no humidity, and 300+ days of sunshine every year.

What is the one thing you think can’t be missed when you are visiting Denver, Colorado?

Catching a show at Red Rocks, which is arguably the best outdoor music venue in the country (if not the world). The natural rock formations create a musical experience that cannot be beat.

If you happen to visit out of the season, Red Rocks is also great for a nice hike.

Concerto a Red Rocks, vicino alla città di Denver in Colorado. © Kara Patterson.

Concert at Red Rocks. © Kara Patterson.

What is your favourite thing to do here when you have some time off?

I’m both a foodie and a music junkie, so I love to catch a show in my free time, or sample some of the city’s delicious restaurants.

What is your favourite restaurant?

This is tough, as I’m definitely a foodie and like a wide variety of restaurants…so I really don’t have one favorite. I will say right now I am loving The Lobby for brunch. Their menu is really unique (and delicious), and they do bottomless mimosas for $12…no brainer! I also love, love, love Little Man Ice Cream. There’s ALWAYS a line (even in winter) and they too have awesomely unique flavors. My personal favorite is the salted maple pecan. So good!

Having lunch at The Lobby Restaurant, Denver, Colorado. © Kara Patterson.

The Lobby Restaurant, Denver, Colorado. © Kara Patterson.

What is your favourite cheap restaurant for a quick lunch?

Also hard to only pick one, but I’m going to go with Torchy’s Tacos. It’s quick in that you order at the front counter, get a number, and your food is delivered to your table when it’s ready. And the tacos are absolutely to die for. They have a lot of really tasty and unique combinations that just can’t be beat. I personally love the “Trailer Park” and the “Baja Shrimp” tacos from their regular menu. They also do a “Taco of the Month” rotation, which is great to sample something new and limited!

What’s your favourite place to have a beer or a cocktail in Denver?

I’m huge on a good margarita, and you can’t go wrong with either The Rio Grande (with margaritas so strong they won’t serve you more than three) or Otra Vez (where they have unlimited margaritas during happy hour for only $15).

Margaritas at Rio Grande in Denver, Colorado. © Kara Patterson.

Margaritas at Rio Grande. © Kara Patterson.

What do you recommend doing on a rainy day?

Definitely something indoors! You could check out the Denver Aquarium, the Denver Art Museum, or the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. All of which are relatively close to downtown.

What do you recommend doing for free in Denver, Colorado?

There are lots of nearby places to take a good hike (like Red Rocks). If during the spring/summer, our city’s parks are always a good time! Washington Park, Cheeseman Park (which is rumored to be haunted), or City Park are some of my favorites. You will always find people enjoying the weather by having a volleyball game, bbq, or excercising themselves or a furry friend.

Is there one thing not many people know about your city you would like to tell us?

The winters here are very mild! People often believe Denver has frigid winters, due to the proximity to the mountains. But instead, we often have a winter filled with 50 and 60 degree days. And when it does snow, our high elevation (and thus closer proximity to the sun) makes the snow melt very quickly!

Anything else you think we should know?

Follow my blog for more Denver related information! I have an ultimate city guide where I discuss / link all my favorites, and future posts will cover topics such as the best brunch locations in the city, or unique bars to visit.

16th Street, Denver, Colorado. © Kara Patterson.

16th Street, Denver, Colorado. © Kara Patterson.

Thank you very much Kara for showing us Denver, Colorado through your eyes.


If you, readers, would like to keep in touch with Kara, please follow her advice and have a look to her fantastic blog!

I am sure you are going to enjoy it and her great tips!


Kara Patterson

Founder, Author, Editor | Destination: Live Life

INSTAGRAM: @destination_livelife

FACEBOOK: DestinationLiveLife

TWITTER: @DestLiveLife

PINTEREST: Destination: Live Life


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